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COMMERCIALS....THE FIRST TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENT was broadcast in the UNITED STATES ON JULY 1, 1941. The watchmaker BULOVA PAID $9 for a placement on NEW YORK STATION WNBT before a BASEBALL GAME BETWEEN THE BROOKLYN DODGERS AND PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES. The 10-SECOND SPOT displayed a picture of a clock superimposed on a map of the United States, accompanied by THE VOICE-OVER "AMERICA RUNS ON BULOVA TIME."
THE FIRST RADIO BROADCASTS aired in the early 1900s. However, it wasn’t until 1919 THAT RADIO STATIONS BEGAN TO BROADCAST CONTINUOUSLY, similar to what we know today. In the United States, on NOVEMBER 2, 1920, KDKA aired the first commercial broadcast. In February 1922, AT&T ANNOUNCED THEY WOULD BEGIN SELLING “TOLL BROADCASTING” TO ADVERTISERS, in which businesses would underwrite or finance a broadcast, in exchange for being mentioned on the radio.
Things sure have changed since the EARLY 1900'S and whether it's RADIO OR TELEVISION YOU ARE PAYING FOR A SPAN OF TIME to convey a message and MARKET YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE, - So when choosing the "VOICE" for your next TV OR RADIO PROJECT get the best BANG FOR YOUR BUCK and CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEAM, - JFOXVOICEOVERS.COM.....THE RIGHT VOICE AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME!
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